And this is just the PG edit!

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Re: And this is just the PG edit!

Postby Miles » Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:07 pm

eric wrote:
Miles wrote:
bandit wrote:
eric wrote:love it....

Nothing more faithful than a DeLorean...

Oh no a Delorean will never let you down or disappoint you. Right up till you drive it, when it continually disappoints & at some point will let you down :lol: :lol:

Sounds like you want to see these ones then...:lol:

And then about a week later I discovered I didn’t need to script it...:

LoL love those videos. Reminds me when I had her on ramps and suggested going to the pub, Ladies walked and 2 of us got in the "D" dropped her off the ramps into the yard. Turn key Sweet FA.."da daaa daa daaa".. spent 45 mins pushing her back onto the ramps to walk to the pub hot and knackered. The ladies said "what kept you ?"

:lol: Typical! Did it to me a couple of weeks back when it suddenly developed all its faults. Just leaving to go to work and absolutely nothing! Just needed the starter wire wiggling...but wasn’t fun doing that in heavy rain!
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