New guy....some questions

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Re: New guy....some questions

Postby jamesrguk » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:15 am

Chriss wrote:
jamesrguk wrote:
jimxms wrote:I'm in Wickford

As a 'veteran owner' or 'Elder Statesman' of the DeLorean commiunity - as Alistair Vanstone referrers to me (I'm only 39!!!) welcome to the mad house of DeLorean Ownership.

Hmm what does that make me, sure Al has classed me as an Elder although guess as I don’t have a D currently makes you more ‘veteran’ :-P Take Solace Jason is older and a longer term owner lol
Yeah Jason must have had his 20yrs+ and he has the beard of a 90 year old.

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