Used but good Delorean engine PRV6 parts

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Used but good Delorean engine PRV6 parts

Postby delorean12uk » Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:08 pm

Used but good Delorean engine PRV6 parts at good prices. Please PM or e-mail for prices

If you want something thats not listed - call me as I might have it!!!

Fuel injection
K- jetronic Metering heads for Volvo 260 - these are stored submersed in light oil
Air flow sensors - Delorean & Volvo
Control pressure regulators (warm up regs) - Delorean & Volvo
Freqency valves
OEM Fuel lines
Bosch injectors- used but tested
cold start injectors
Banjo bolts - all sizes

Engine & components
Complete engine from Volvo 760 - This engine come from a running car, low miles and was k-jetronic. although it will only come 'engine only' with no ancillaries, no injection system, inlet manifold or waterpump. This engine has a Volvo sandwich plate and sump and will need to be swapped with your old engine for it to mount in a Delorean Chassis

Loads of Delorean PRV6 engine internals :-
Pistons + Conrod B28E
Pistons + conrod B28F
Piston liners
Crank shafts - stock
Cam shafts - stock
Used Cylinder heads
Refurbed cylinder heads - Head cleaned, Head gasket face and exhaust port faces skimmed, Exhaust studs retapped to 8mm, Valves cleaned and re-lapped, new stem seals.
Rocker covers
Timing covers
Timing chains
Cam sprockets
Crank sprockets
Inlet manifolds
Exhaust manifolds
New Waterpumps - complete with backplate and pulley, will need your old one as exchange
various water hoses for delorean cooling system
Various engine PRV6 gaskets + 'O' rings
Various size Jubilee clips
Vin: Friday afternoon car, because the bastard thing likes to break all the time

Daily Maintenance a Certainty

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Re: Used but good Delorean engine PRV6 parts

Postby ALEXAKOS » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:42 pm

VIN 5992/Body 5697/Frame 6000/Grey/Manual/LEDs/HALOs/SPAX/DMOCO SS shifter/MOMO/Custom SS exhaust/K&N/SS: f.fascia mounts,brake+clutch lines+tank cover+heat shlds/Posi-quiet brake pds/Poly bushing: steering +f.sway bar +radius.
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Re: Used but good Delorean engine PRV6 parts

Postby OB1 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:10 pm

Many thanks....
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Re: Used but good Delorean engine PRV6 parts

Postby stevie67cars » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:33 pm

How much for a refurbed cylinder head? The RH one as you stand behind the car. Thanks

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