Vin6409 engine rebuild

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Re: Vin6409 engine rebuild

Postby cis6409 » Wed May 22, 2024 2:36 pm

Thanks yeah it was alot safer to get Through with that type of compressor. Much better grip all around the circumference of the coil, you could see where it was gripping the clam lip much more securely.
Big big thanks to thom again. for the help thou as it was my first time using compressors and he made it look easy.
Nice to see the chassis at normal frame height now.
Got to fit the rebuilt steering rack and new upper control arms and ball joints etc.. So much easier to roll the chassis in and out now with the rack connected the wheels stay super straight and don't wobble to full lock when trying to push it back In or roll back lol

Now the chassis is at normal height the chassis won't fit under the tub cross plank support, so had to remove the shifter to get it under. Luckily I only had it loosely all connected.

Hopefully get some more stuff on soon, but need more stuff from arran again to move forward some more.
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