Fire !! FIRE !!!!!!

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Re: Fire !! FIRE !!!!!!

Postby cis6409 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 4:08 pm

It's hard to tell exactly in your case but the fuse will only blow if there's an overload of current that the circuit is not designed for or a short cut to earth.

The fuse melts but does not blow cause its got a loose or a bad dirty connection at the fuse holder for a start. This means the normal operating current for that circuit is finding it harder to get round (for want of a better description) cause of the corrison or dirty connection. This leads to higher resistance which means way more heat in that surrounding area which leads to the melting.

Loose pin holders can cause arcing between the plastic and the holder to I believe, which will melt the plastic to.

Add in the poor quality of the plastic in the fuse box and lots of heat in there already which only adds to to it.

Regularly check and clean your fuse terminals on your block and make sure the terminals fit nice and snug into the reciptcles.
The oxidation is not always obvious.
Also keep the lid off the fuse box holder is another tip I've used

I had to replace one of my melted fuses with a fuse extender and when I took out the pin from underneath I could see oxidation on the copper strands themselves leading to the pin. The copper had turned jet black, not good.

I'm not an electrican so if Im wrong with any of that there, please correct me!

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Re: Fire !! FIRE !!!!!!

Postby Dave M » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:06 pm

Thanks - that makes much more sense now - my fuse box has no cover but what didn’t help was the carpet was just sitting on the fuse box - the 12 mile trip from Tenby back home is mostly country lanes so the burning smell and smokey haze was intermittent because the fuse was only getting hot on dipped beam and not main - hence why I never pulled over straight away
Are there any upgraded or modified fuse box’s available and if so how big a job ?
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Re: Fire !! FIRE !!!!!!

Postby CFI » Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:17 am

Dave M wrote:Are there any upgraded or modified fuse box’s available and if so how big a job ?

DMC Texas sells one, and there is a great write up on DMCtalk. ... embly.aspx ... fuse-block
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